Did You Know That Over 90% Of Commercial Irish Properties Are Not Insured For The Correct Amount?

Our expertise lies in conducting commercial reinstatement cost assessments to eliminate underinsurance risks in Ireland. We survey all types of commercial properties as well as private client high-net-worth homes.

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Why Do I Need A Rebuild Cost Assessment?

As commercial property owners, you are responsible for providing the correct insurance value for your building to your broker. However, how are you meant to know the true value of reinstatement? That’s what we do best.

With our team of RICS regulated Chartered Building Surveyors providing precise assessments to ensure you have accurate coverage, eliminating the risk of being

There’s A Clause In Your Insurance You Really Need To Know About

Insurance can be complicated. After all, it’s a contract and contracts are always full of conditions and clauses.

When it comes to insuring your building there’s one clause you really need to know about, because THIS CLAUSE can cause big problems if you ever need to make a claim.

It’s called the AVERAGE CLAUSE and put simply, it means if you insure you’re building for an amount that’s too low, your insurer can reduce how much they’ll pay out! It’s your insurer’s way of making sure you only get what you pay for.

The easy, affordable and professional way to ensure your buildings are insured for the correct amount.

Insurance can be complicated. And when it comes to insuring your buildings, something called the Average Clause can easily catch you out. But don’t worry! We’re here to help explain the problem and put it right – easily, professionally and affordably.

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As an RICS-regulated firm, a Chartered Surveyor will physically visit
your site to assess and accurately report on replacement costs.

More than 9 out of 10 Irish buildings are underinsured

Who Do We Work With?

Commercial Policyholders

Commercial Policyholders

Worried your property might not be covered for how much it should be? No problem. Don’t fall victim to the dreaded Average Clause! Take the first step to make sure your building is insured for the right amount by ordering a Rebuild Cost Assessment today.

Insurance Brokers

Protect your clients and help them get their buildings sums insured right. We have a range of options for you. You can access discounted rates by opening an account with us, or quickly refer a client to us without handling payments.


Managing Agents

We can help you confidently arrange the right level of cover for your client, whether it is for a single property or a large portfolio. We are committed to
providing professional valuation solutions to meet your clients’ specific needs.

INSURance Companies Underwriters & MGA’s

Insurance Companies Underwriters & Mga’s

Removing the Average Clause is a great way of simplifying your product and demonstrating customer care. However, we understand it’s equally important to ensure premiums are commensurate with risk. We’re ready to help you develop a programme to tackle inaccurate sums insured effectively.

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Why is the Rebuild Cost Review important?

According to SCSI – Ireland’s leading body for property, land and construction professionals, the national annual rate of construction price inflation is now running at 14% .Lockdowns due to Covid, supply chain shocks and the war in Ukraine have seen tender price inflation rise by 22% over the past 18 months.

Rebuild Cost Assessment Follow Up

After a thorough Reinstatement Cost Assessment, to ensure that your rebuild value remains correct and up to date, we recommend following the RICS best practice guidelines which state that a desk-based Rebuild Cost Review should be completed 2 to 3 years after the full Reinstatement Cost Assessment.