Onsite Assessments

When you schedule a Reinstatement Cost Assessment, we physically come out to your property to conduct an onsite valuation because it’s the most accurate and in line with RICS regulations. We also prepare thoroughly beforehand to ensure a quick and easy process.

Why Choose Our On-Site Assessments?

Onsite’ basically means we come to you for initial assessment at your property, we then compile our findings, and you will receive a detailed report shortly after.

Let’s face it, every property is unique, so conducting a thorough onsite assessment is essential for accurate results. When assessing your property, we take into account building types, construction methods, site specific and regional factors.

Why Choose Our Site Assessment?

If your building is large or complex, we understand you may well prefer to meet one of our team face-to-face on site. 

Some property owners prefer their very first rebuild cost assessment to be site-based, with any subsequent updates made through a desktop approach. Again, you’re the boss.


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